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POWIEŚĆ arrow How to Be Good


Dodatkowe informacje:
Autor: Nick Hornby
Stron: 248
Format: 11x18 cm
ISBN: 0-141-00858-X
EAN: 9780141008585
Rok wydania: 2007
Wydawnictwo: PENGUIN BOOKS
Oprawa: oprawa broszurowa
Gatunek: POWIEŚĆ

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How to Be Good

Nick Hornby

Katie Carr is a good person. She recycles. She`s against racism. She`s a good doctor, a good mom, a good wife....well, maybe not that last one, considering she`s having an affair and has just requested a divorce via cell phone. But who could blame her? For years her husband`s been selfish, sarcastic, and underemployed, writing the `Angriest Man in Holloway` column for their local paper.