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POWIEŚĆ arrow Ya-Yas in Bloom


Dodatkowe informacje:
Autor: Rebecca Wells
Stron: 260
Format: 14x22.5 cm
ISBN: 0-00-720109-5
EAN: 9780007201099
Rok wydania: 2005
Oprawa: oprawa twarda
Gatunek: POWIEŚĆ

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Ya-Yas in Bloom

Rebecca Wells

When four-year-old Teensy Whitman prisses one time too many and stuffs a big old pecan up her nose, she sets off the chain of events that lead Vivi, Teensy, Caro, and Necie to become true sister-friends. Told in alternating voices of Vivi and the Petite Ya-Yas, Siddalee and Baylor Walker, as well as other denizens of Thornton, Louisiana, Ya-Yas In Bloom show us the Ya-Yas in love and at war with convention. Through crises of faith and hilarious lapses of parenting skills, brushes with alcoholism and glimpses of the dark reality of racial bigotry, the Ya-Ya values of unconditional loyalty, high style, and Cajun sass shine through. Necies wise credo, `Just think pretty pink and blue thoughts,` helps too...